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Welcome to West Sussex Humanists

Humanism is the view that we can make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values, and live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs.

We represent the interests of the non-religious residents of West Sussex in local government, support Human Rights, and work towards equality and social cohesion.

West Sussex Humanists is also an umbrella organisation of local affiliated groups that meet regularly, currently Horsham Humanists and Chichester Humanists.

Our next meetings

28th January Chichester

Why do people choos it?

MUCHOS NACHOS pub/restaurant



25th February Chichester


MUCHOS NACHOS pub/restaurant



Assisted Dying talk by Nikkan Woodhouse 24th September 2019


Nikkan began with the Dignity in Dying campaign, outlining the proposed change the UK law.


Chichester Humanists talk: Effective Altruism by George Bridgewater


George Bridgwater is the Events Officer for the Effective Altruism Society at Southampton University.
George began with a brief history of Effective Altruism, beginning with it's founder Peter Singer, philosopher and author of "The Life you can Save", then William Macaskill (Cambridge University), author of "Doing Good Better".


How to Be Reasonable talk by Rebecca Fox at Chichester 18th September 2018

Rebecca cast her first magic spell at the age of 13. Some of her beliefs made here happy, others were frightening. Eventually, she realised that she needed a method to examine her beliefs and discovered skepticism.

Evolution of Consciousness by Keir Watson at Horsham on 14th May 2018

Keir delivered an interesting pilot talk ahead of a book he is writing on consciousness.

A Secular Bible? talk by Dr Hannah Strommen at Chichester Humanists on 20th March 2018

Hannah began her talk by questioning the assumed decline in public knowledge of the Bible, demonstrating it's prevalence in society today, through art, films, music, literature, advertising, popular culture and politics.


Humanist talk at Chichester Quakers 16th October 2017

Andrew Edmondson gave a talk on Humanism to Chichester Quakers.
You can download the PowerPoint presentation here.


Chichester Humanists: Prof A.C Grayling talk: The Roots and Fruits of Humanism 24th June 2019


Prof Grayling explained how Humanism stretches back to Ancient Greece, from the time of Socrates, Confucius and Buddha.


Think and Drink at Chichester, November 2018

Our Think and Drink discussion evening was a great success. We'll be repeating it in January, with three more topics of interest.


The Freemasons by Maurice Adams at Chichester 17th July 2018

Mauruce Adams began his talk by describing the origins of Freemasonry.

Climate Apocalypse talk at Chichester Humanists 15th May 2018

Dr Lynch presented a different way of looking at climate change. Rather than considering the science, he considered how we perceive climate change and what we are prepared to do about it.

Spotlight on Hinduism by Ashwin Soni 11th December 2017


Ashwin gave us a heartfelt and friendly talk about Hinduism. You can download his PowerPoint presentation here.

Although raised in a Hindu family, Ashwin did not become involved in the religion until late in adulthood.


Why I became a Humanist by Craig Bunce 10th July 2017

Member Craig Bunce explained what led him to becoming a Humanist, made more interesting by the presence of his family. Afterwards, several different topics were raised, including Humanists' approach to death and education. A friendly meeting as usual, with about 20 people attending.

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Remembrance Sunday Campaign

The Chichester Observer made a video and wrote an article covering the laying of a Humanist wreath after the main religious ceremony. A transcript of the speech can be downloaded here.

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Council prayers campaign

In March 2015, the government introduced the Local Government (Religious Observances) Act allowing councils to hold prayers during their meetings, overturning a High Court decision in 2011 (see below).

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The non-religious should be represented on the Religious Education advisory council
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