What you can do to support the Census 2011 Campaign

Learn more about the Census 2011 campaign

Read about the Census 2011 campaign on the BHA website and on BBC News.

Tell everyone about it

Tell your friends, family, colleagues about the campaign. Put a link to the BHA Facebook page or Twitter account.

Write a blog, post messages on forums.

Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or magazine, including the free ones.

Email everyone, including clubs/organisations and their members.

Email you local councillor, MP, other officials.


Put up some Posters

Census2011PosterBackHere is the rear side of the BHA Census 2011 leaflet. You can print it from A6 to A3 and use it as a poster. Put it up wherever you can, e.g. A5 and A6 on supermarket noticeboards, A4 on club noticeboards or in shop windows, A3 in your home or car window.









Leaflets for quick hand delivery (4 per street)

I have 500 card leaflets for distribution. Please ring 079 3450 8671 if you want some.

Here are two modified front sides of the BHA Census 2011 leaflet. For each street, print two LEFT fronts and two RIGHT fronts. Then print the above rear side on the back. Deliver the appropriate leaflet to each corner of the street (you can print more and deliver them say every 10 houses along the street).

Census2011Poster1 Census2011Poster1

Here is the original front page of the BHA Census 2011 leaflet


Here is the front and back of the leaflet on A4


Here is a library leaflet (omitting the words For God's sake ...)


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