Horsham InterFaith talk "An Atheist's Creed" 18th May 2013


Horsham Interfaith invited philosopher Dr Michael Palmer to talk about his latest book An Atheist's Creed. Standing at the pulpit of St Leonard's church, Dr Palmer talked frankly about religions, past and present, and argued in favour of the atheist position. The largely religious audience received Dr Palmer well and were amused by his occasional comical quips.

Rather than go into detail about his talk, you can visit Lutterworth Press and read a more detailed description of An Atheist's Creed. You can also buy a copy of this book and others by Dr Palmer.

At the end of the talk there were quite a few questions. I asked for a clarification of the terms atheist, agnostic, Humanist and non-religious, as people and the media are often confused about them. Dr Palmer clearly outlined the differences between the terms. After the talk, I told him that I was an agnostic because it is the most logical position. But I suggested that An Agnostic's Creed probably wouldn't get the headlines.

Horsham Interfaith are a most welcoming group and this talk demonstrates their commitment to a dialogue with the non-religious, something we need a lot more of. One of our Horsham Humanists members is also a member of Horsham Interfaith. We hope that the national Interfaith movement, endorsed by the government for many years, will fully include Humanism, even though Humanism is not a faith of course.


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