Horsham hustings 1st May 2015

This event was organised by Andrew Edmondson (West Sussex Humanists) and Mark Davies (Horsham Skeptics in the Pub)

All 8 candidates attended this last minute budget hustings at Lavinia House, Horsham on 1st May 2015.

They were given the list below of 5 questions around the themes of Science, Evidence-based Policy, Human Rights, Religion & Belief.

After the first 4 questions were answered, the audience were invited to ask their own questions.

Due to a technical problem, the video quality is not as good as it should be. Also, a few minutes of audio has been replaced by a lower quality. Otherwise, the audio is good.

A copy of the audio file can also be found on YouTube.

Do you think we should have a secular government, i.e. one that does not privilege or discriminate on the basis of religion or belief in our public institutions (e.g. schools, local councils, NHS, armed forces)?

Do you agree that a nation that invests heavily in science benefits the economy massively? If so, what investment is your party planning?

How can we tackle Islamophobia on the one hand and protect women from Sharia law on the other?

Do you believe that past UK governments have ignored the available evidence in favour of a policy that voters want to hear, e.g. drugs legalisation; homeopathy offered by the NHS; halting nuclear power programme? Are MPs under too much pressure to please and not govern well?

Should unbiased responsible PSHE (Personal Social Health & Economic Education) and SRE (Sex & Relationship Education) be made compulsory in all schools? Isn't it important to teach children about the diversity of people and families in the UK, including LGBT people, rather than a distorted narrow view prescribed by the ethos of some schools?

There was not time to ask the fifth question above. Other questions that could have been asked can be found here.


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