Humanist representation on West Sussex RE Council

Today I have sent an email to Peter Griffiths (West Sussex Cabinet Member for Education and Schools) requesting, once again, that he appoint a Humanist representative onto the RE advisory council (SACRE).

In 2009, Mr Griffiths refused to allow the non-religious to be represented on SACRE, despite being sent a compelling case.

The reason for excluding Humanists in the past was legal guidance dating back to 1994. This guidance has now been replaced by new RE guidance from the DCSF, which removes the prohibition against Humanist representation.

Download the case for Humanist representation on SACRE. This was sent to Councillor Griffiths, but he has failed to reply to any of the arguments.

I have sent copies of the email to all West Sussex councillors, asking for their support.

You can help by sending an email to the current Chair of SACRE Warwick Hellawell.



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